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Take charming Vienna in a stride!

Choose among theme specific, innovative tours through the inner city of Vienna with an ICU Leading Guide and take the historical highlights of Austrian and European history in a stride. Vienna’s musical samples and acts will encourage participation!

    Theme examples:

  • Follow the footsteps through the centuries – Let’s turn back the wheel of time
  • The Superstars – Strauss senior & junior
  • Every era its art, every art its freedom.
    The Vienna Rebels of 1900 did not tolerate any cultural lies.
  • Elisabeth, the reluctant Empress – her escape from reality into isolation.
  • There is more to the Palace of Schönbrunn
    The first lady of Austrian history – her Majesty Maria Theresia and the “Grand Seigneur” Francis Joseph I. represent the aristocratic lifestyle of the 18th and 19th century; biographical facts and anecdotes will get under your skin and a concert with puppets on the string in the adjoining “Marionettentheater“ rounds off the enjoyable experience of yesteryear.

ICU Leading Guides:

Leading Guides

Knowledge, charm and flexibility – ICU offers a unique team of licensed professional tour guides that are specially trained for this job.