Kunst mit eSeL

eSeL (Lorenz Seidler) is the synonym for a personal curiosity for art and culture, which allows even a large audience a real art(istic) experience.From the highly sophisticated to independent art, the eSeL strolls through Vienna’s art businesses and provides current information about dates and happenings and offers funny opinions about the art scene in his role as a “rushing reporter”. With many points of contact art comes to life for everyone who wants to make up his/her own mind about art in Vienna.

In cooperation with ICU in Vienna:

Logo Culture in Vienna´s Museumsquartier” – At the threshold of the new century the “Museumsquartier Wien “ventures on new productions for art and financing. During an investigative expedition through the Museumsquartier, visitors gain an insight into concepts of art and terms of culture of the 21st century (and its bag of tricks) and can peek behind the scenes of contemporary art.

Tableaux Vivants” – the art of re-enactment of paintings – was highly “en vogue” among the social circles of the 19th century Bourgeoisie. Today visitors take part in a revival of this amusement and re-enact their own experience of artworks. By stepping “inside the paintings” during team building activities the participants gain a new understanding of art.

After a short introduction by the instructor the participants receive an amusing “crash course” in miming the posture, composure and expressions of some the most unique paintings. A mobile reporter takes pictures and the results of these snap shots are later presented in a slideshow.